The MSM and TG people's scanning initiative in six Asian cities
APMG, a key partner of The HIV Foundation Thailand, worked with UNDP and USAID in 2010 on a study aimed to support scale-up and of city-based services to MSM and TG people in key mega-cities across Asia.


Incorporating gender in to interventions for HIV key affected populations

HIV prevalence among key affected populations in some major Asian cities is said to have outstripped the capacity to prevent it. Gender inequity is a major concern for HIV vulnerability but the evidence is scant on how gender impacts on risk for HIV. This article explores gender inequity among key affected populations and presents innovative interventions attempting to integrate gender programming in to responses to key affected populations in Asia.                         


What can key affected populations for HIV learn from India's success overturning s377?

What can advocates for key HIV affected populations learn from India's success in overturning s377 of the Penal Code which made adult homosexual relations punishable with a ten year prison term? The HIV Foundation Thailand with AIDS Projects Management Group undertook a media scan and interviewed some key Indian advocates to find out more.      





The HIV Foundation Thailand is an independent, non-profit organization committed to the full participation of those most affected by HIV in the response to HIV. The foundation emerges out of key affected populations for HIV and we support women in sex work, people who use drugs, people with HIV, migrants, prisoners and other emerging groups affected by HIV in Asia. Our focus right now is on Asian gay men, other men who have sex with men and transgender people. This is because rates of HIV among these people are at critical levels in the Asia region. The Commission on AIDS in Asia has concluded that, if HIV prevention efforts do not increase and intensify, MSM and TG people will represent half of all the new HIV infections in Asia by 2020.


These businesses across Bangkok help us to increase HIV awareness and raise urgently needed funds to assist Thai gay men and transgender people here. We thank these businesses for their kindness to us and for their inspiring community spirit. Please support the businesses that support us!


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